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Induction Levels

The induction to AIMS Technical Services is determined by testing aspiring fresh engineering graduates in basic, applied science, which is generally covered in the academic curriculum. However, those needing a refresher in basic engineering science are offered a course lasting one week.

Those qualifying for this are further provided training in basic process instrumentation and then process analytics in four training modules lasting 5 weeks. The courses are specifically designed to augment and sharpen necessary scientific and practical background to enable entry into Analytical Instrumentation.

Course Modules

  • Fully equipped training center with capacity of 30 persons.
  • Being integrated in workshop, it helps us to provide customers some hands on exposure to DEMO units or on-floor Package jobs.
  • Experience trainers with sound technical backgrounds.
  • Exclusive Training Material extracted from Practical Experiences and from Handbooks

AIMS Offers Analyzer – training course at different levels according to customer requirements.

Training offered are in different modules for Process, Stack Analyzers, Fire & Gas detectors

Following Training Modules are being offered under Basic Level Analyzer, Fire & Gas detectors Training

  • Applications
  • Process conditions
  • Sample Conditioning Systems
  • Environmental considerations
  • Moisture Analyzers
  • H2S Analyzers
  • Gas Chromatograph
  • Physical Property Analyzers
  • Stack Analyzers / CEMS
  • Special Analyzers
  • Fire & Gas Detectors