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Sulphur Recovery Unit Operations

  • Sulphur Recovery is the unit operation of converting H2S into elemental Sulphur by the Modified Claus Process
  • The source of the H2S can be Sulphur in refinery crude oil, converted to H2S in an upstream process.
  • Hydrodesulferization (the HDS unit where S + H2 converts to H2S)
    • H2S as it exits in natural gas (already as H2S, no need for HDS)
    • Elemental Sulphur in coal converted to H2S in coking/coal gasification
    • H2S as a byproduct in chemical plants, typically CS2 for rayon production
  • Upstream process of removing H2S is Amine Treating
  • Downstream process to reduce emission is Tail Gas Treating
    • Emissions can also be reduced by Enhanced Claus Processes