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DURAG Spark Ignition SystemD-HG 400

Electronic ignitors ignite oil and gas burners of any capacity in industrial applications and power plants.

The energy required for ignition of the burner is stored in a high-voltage capacitor in the device. The energy is then switched to the igniter tip via a wear-resistant electronic switch. The resulting spark discharge at the igniter tip will ignite the fuel. For reliable ignition during the start phase, the igniter delivers 20 sparks/s for 60 seconds and then switches down to 5 sparks/s (D-HG 400). When the operating voltage is switched on, the igniter will automatically begin to spark. The ignition function of the igniter is signalled via an LED and the potential-free contacts of the igniter acknowledgment relay.

The ideal position of the igniter tip for igniting oil burners is generally at the edge of the atomizing cone directly in front of the swirler. The actual position is determined by adjusting the igniter tip axially by hand. If heavy oil is being fired, it is necessary to sufficiently preheat it to between 90°C and 130°C. In the case of gas burners, the position of the igniter tip is not of critical importance. There must, however, be a mixture of fuel and air present at this position. For a soft start, a low flow velocity (start-up position of the burner) should be set.

AIMS Represents Durag Group

  • D-HG 55
  • D-ZL
  • D-VE 500

SMITSVONK Spark Ignition SystemIgnition Lances for Flares

  • Ignition Lances for Burners
  • E-LIGHT 2000 Ignition Units
  • E-SPARK 3/6
  • BWO Ignition Units
  • SVECU Ignition Units
  • Portable Ignition Units
  • Semi Portable Ignition Units
  • Mobile Ignition Units

HEGWEIN Gas Fired Igniters2 kW Gas Igniters

  • 4 kW Gas Igniters
  • 45 kW Gas Igniters
  • 120 kW Gas Igniters
  • 250 kW Gas Igniters
  • 600 kW Gas Igniters
  • 1000 kW Gas Igniters
  • 2000 kW Gas Igniters
  • 2/4 kW Gas Igniters Zone 1/21
  • 2/4 kW Gas Igniters Zone 2/22
  • 45-600 kW Gas Igniters Zone 1
  • 45/120 kW Gas Igniters Zone 2
  • 250 kW Gas Igniters flexible
  • 300 kW Gas Igniters NFPA
  • 1000 kW Gas Igniters NFPA
  • 6000 kW Gas Igniters NFPA
  • 10000 kW Gas Igniters NFPA
  • 20 kW Self Aspirated Gas Igniters
  • 80 kW Self Aspirated Gas Igniters

HEGWEIN Oil Fired Igniters100 kW Oil Igniters

    • 1000 kW Oil Igniters
    • 3600 kW Oil Igniters
    • 100/300/1000 kW Oil Igniters Zone 1
    • 100-3600 kW Oil Igniters Zone 2

    HEGWEIN Dual-Oil & Oil/Gas Igniters

    • 1000 / 400 kW Dual Fuel Igniters
    • 1000 / 1000 kW Dual Fuel Igniters

    SMITSVONK Gas Fired IgnitersTube Ø48.3 mm – Explosion Proof

    • Tube Ø48.3 mm
    • Tube Ø54 mm – Explosion Proof
    • Tube Ø54 mm
    • Tube Ø38 mm – Explosion Proof
    • Tube Ø38 mm
    • Flame Front Generators
    • Flare Pilot Burners (electrical ignited)
    • Flare Pilot Burners (flame front ignition)

    HEGWEIN Gas Burners15 kW Gas Burners

    • 35 kW Gas Burners
    • 35 kW Gas Burners QC
    • 85 kW Gas Burners
    • 200 kW Gas Burners
    • 350 kW Gas Burners
    • 800 kW Gas Burners
    • 2000 kW Gas Burners
    • 200 kW Gas Burners
    • 4500 kW Gas Burners