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AIMS is associated with supply, services and technical assistance of equipment and instruments in Sulphur Recovery Units with focus on performance, reliability and safety.

1.FEED GAS ANALYZER: Supply and service of Feed gas analyzers with capability to analyze NH3, THC, H2O, CO2 and BTEX components.

2.BURNER PACKAGE: Complete services regarding SRU’s Main Burner and RF package, Line & TGT Burners, Incinerators etc. including Supply, Integration, Site Acceptance Test, and Performance Evaluation.

3.BURNER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Refurbishment of ignition systems by replacing old manual ignition systems by promoting DUIKER/DURAG auto igniter with retractable mechanism. This includes utilizing existing burner, flame scanner, burner controller and modifying PLC or logic.

4.FLAME SCANNERS: UV/IR/VIS scanners plus flame flickering frequency technique and temperature difference technique for critical applications (e.g. Reaction Furnace).

5.FLAME TEMPERATURE MONITOR: Sales and services of proven product lines of LUMASENSE based on Infra rays technique, where conventional measurement fails because of high temperature and presence of corrosive atmosphere.

6.TEMPERATURE ELEMENTS: Complete range of thermocouples, RTD’s & Thermowells for high temperature applications.

7.VECTOR WALLS: Mechanically stable Vector wall employs patented Hex wall technology as a stable and reliable foundation for configuring variety of new flow regimes for increased capacity and reduced operational and maintenance cost for medium and large sized furnaces.

8.FERRULES: Pre-engineered ferrules for each installation which are properly sized, accurately molded, and completely wrapped with all required fiber insulation & no castable.

9.SULPHUR SEALS: Reliable Vapor sealing performance in Sulphur Recovery Unit Rundown Lines.

10.THERMAL MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS: Design, Develop, Implement, Maintain and troubleshoot heating systems for liquid/vapor sulphur lines, Sulphur Tanks, Valves and Pumps.

11.SULPHUR PIT ANALYZER: Supply and maintenance services for analyzing H2S, SO2 in Sulphur Pit.

12.CLAUS CATALYST: Supply, Technical assistance Troubleshooting and Pilot plant testing of Claus Alumina and Titania catalyst along with supply of Catalyst bed Support and Topping.

13.TAIL GAS ANALYZER: Capability to analyze H2S, SO2, COS, CS2, Sulphur vapors and Air Demand signal for the Air Control in Reaction Furnace. Designed and mounted directly on process line with sampling facility.

14.HYDROGENATION CATALYST: Offering complete range of Claus Tail Gas Catalyst in presulfided form as well as assistance for onsite sulphiding. We supply conventional and low temperature for hydrolysis and reduction of sulphur compounds.

15.FLEXSORB® SE: Supply, Technical Assistance and Storage Facility of sterically hindered amine proprietary to ExxonMobil to the licensed users.

16.Filtration Solution: Customized cartridges filters based on the application and no modification requirement.

17.H2S LEAN AMINE ANALYZER: Supply, service and successful installation of H2S in lean amine analyzer in Middle East.

18.CONTINUOUS EMMISSION MONITORING SYSTEM: We offer complete range of Emission analysis including CEMs & PEMs with capability to measure SO2, NO, NO2, CO, O2, TRS and Flow.