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Complete line of Petroleum Analyzers including Flash Point, RVP, Cloud Point, Freeze Point and Pour Point.

Extensive technical expertise and a comprehensive understanding of On-line Property Analyzers we can provide the process analyzer solutions you demand. For the past decade, we have partnered in the design, assembly and worldwide service for Precision On-line Analyzers. On-line Analyzers, now deliver the latest in On-line Property Analyzer and On-Site Service to enhance your refining process control systems.

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Flash Point – Measures the lowest temperature at which selected fuels form a flammable vapour mixture with air.

Cloud Point – Pinpoints the lowest temperature a fuel may be used without wax formation.

Freeze Point – Determines the lowest ambient temperature at which aviation jet fuel can be safely used.

Pour Point – Icon scientific’s stable and precise measurement enables the accurate determination of pour point and no-flow point for petroleum products.