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Online Process Control Analyzers with advance process control loops to meet the quality requirements is becoming a vital industrial necessity. There is no compromise on down time of the analyzers specialized field when an experienced service team is required to perform day to day maintenance activity in order to keep the equipment in healthy condition with 24 hour availability on site. AIMS have specialized procedures and maintenance system with people stationed on site performing routing preventive daily, monthly and quarterly maintenance on all types of analyzers.

Supported by online training center based in Abu Dhabi with live demo units, qualified team members are mobilized on site permanently based on site for providing zero downtime on critical process control analyzers. AIMS are supported by major analyzers companies in the industry with certified engineers to perform maintenance on online and lab process control analyzers starting from non-critical analyzers such as PH, conductivity analyzers to most critical analyzers such as Tail Gas Analyzers, GCs, CEMS and physically properties analyzers. AIMS is fully equipped to cater to the industrial requirement for all oil and gas customers.

AIMS are considered as a one stop solution irrespective of the type of manufacturer/supplier with extraordinary trouble shooting capability on analytical instruments with the lowest possible down times.

AIMS are currently executing on-site maintenance contracts with major gas processing facilities in the UAE.