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The natural gas industry has needed a highly reliable, field-ready, on-line BTU Analyzer. The analyzer needs to be easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain with true, bi-directional communications for remote control and troubleshooting. All these features need to be available at a low cost. The natural gas composition laboratories provide a full range of analytical testing to trace and ultra-trace levels, helping clients determine natural gas quality and purity. Natural gas composition analysis is applied to all phases of natural gas exploration and production, splitting, storage, processing, and other related activities.

Plant and process operators need a reliable, simple means of confirming the quality or mixture of process gases. The means used to perform these tests must be reliable, accurate, and very affordable. For many processes and situations, gas quality can be easily inferred through a simple analysis of the gas mixture’s specific gravity as opposed to a complex spectral analysis.

  • Gas Chromatographs Online
  • Gas Chromatographs Portable
  • Gas Gravitometers Portable
  • Mines Dew Point Tester
  • Manual Dew Point Testers
  • UGC Densitometer

AIMS have provided support and service activities to customers for various manufacturers of Gas Chromatographs like AMETEK Chandler, ABB, Simens, Yokogawa etc.