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AIMS have supplied to GASCO, ZADCO and various other customers and provide installation, commissioning and other service related activities.

  • Oil in water analyzers to serve the oil and gas industry, whatever your environment: onshore, offshore, refineries, subsea, marine etc.
  • Committed to providing solutions, which will provide accurate and timely results deliverable anywhere in the world while operating in harsh conditions.
  • Analyzers are the only zero maintenance, reliable Oil in Water Analyzers available in the world. They have been very well received by our customers.
  • Specializing in optoelectronic instrumentation, detection systems and communication technologies.
  • To optimize process control and quality management, an increasing amount of information is necessary concerning turbidity, color or concentration. This measurement technology and also offers this expertise to the measurement of oil traces.


Maintenance free produced water discharge monitoring and process management solutions.


Analyzers for wastewater management and leak detection in cooling water.

  • Oil traces in produced water, off-shore and on-shore
  • Oil concentration in slope tanks
  • Monitoring of proper operation of oil separators
  • Monitoring of oil traces in surface and waste water
  • Oil traces in cooling water
  • Oil leakage into condensate

  • Determination of solids concentration in oil and other fuels
  • Monitoring of water content and dust particle content in kerosene
  • Turbidity in sea water for injection (off-shore)

  • Measurement of color in paraffin (Saybolt) following decolorization
  • Oil coloration to ASTM standard
  • Monitoring of the coloration of engine fuels
  • Monitoring of distillation steps by measuring the Hazen coloration, e.g. in phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride or dimethyl terephthalatey