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AIMS offers long term and short term maintenance packages for online Analyzers for different industrial sectors.

Long term maintenance contacts offered by AIMS are not simple manpower supply agreements, AIMS takes those as FULL RESPONSIBILITY contracts wherein the complete set of KPIs is transferred to AIMS team.

Our maintenance department consists of more than 200 service engineers and technicians is thoroughly trained and highly skillful to handle all types of online analyzers including mass spectrometers, Gas Chromatographs, I/UV spectrometers, Raman Analyzers, and all types of hydrocarbon & water based liquid and physical property analyzers.

We also have environment / Air Quality Monitoring System maintenance team that exclusively carries out maintenance on AQMS (Air Quality Monitoring System), CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring System) including environment mapping study and RATA (Relative Accuracy Testing Audit) testing to meet local environmental regulatory authorizes / EPA requirements.

The natural of our analyzer maintenance service contracts with clients is a FULL RESPONSIBILITY type whereby we become responsible for maintaining all KPIs set my clients maintenance and reliability departments to support smooth and reliable operation of the plant.

We, not only maintain analyzer availability (up-time) above 90%, but also carry out study to recommend improvements and modifications to enhance analyzer up-time to 98% within first six months of the agreement.

Our quality of work is highly recognized across Oil & Gas industry in the region and appreciated for demonstrating best level of safety practices during the period of the agreement.