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Air quality management refers to all the activities a regulatory authority undertakes to help protect human health and the environment from the harmful effects of air pollution. The quality of air to which we are exposed needs to be constantly evaluated in order to identify various sources of pollution as well as to control the level of exposure to these pollutants and to adopt the appropriate corrective measures according to the regulations provided.

Environmental policies are operated in AIMS to ensure safeguards in respect to the environment and society in connection with all its activities. The company additionally complies with all client requirements regarding environmental policies, which are in force at its sites or operating locations. The company policy is aimed at reducing environmental impact to a minimum and ensuring that all related activities are carried out in accordance with recognized approved procedures.

At AIMS, our experts will help you access accurate and up-to-date information to manage air quality issues. This will protect you and your employees and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. With our team of experts and engineers, backed by state-of-the-art equipment and risk assessment techniques, we are able to evaluate problems accurately and to engineer solution to complex environmental issues ultimately enabling your business to profit from the benefits of pro-actively managing air quality.

At AIMS, we create solutions that advance environmental protection for the safety and comfort of workers in commercial and industrial areas. We provide:


    Range of Integrated Solutions
    • Complete stationary and mobile monitoring stations
    • Operation, Maintenance and Service contracts
    • Data logging and processing systems
    • Data acquisition, validation and reporting software

    Installation methods to suit various environment
    • Fixed and Portable AQMS housing
    • Shelters, cabinet and wall mounted systems
    • Instrument racks and sampling systems
    • Air pollutant analyzers
    • Dust monitors
    • Meteorological instrument
    • VOC’s and other gases
    • Calibration equipment
    Flexible work scope as per client’s requirement
    • Turnkey projects
    • Stand-alone system
    • Upgrade or enhancement of existing system
    • QA/QC services in environmental monitoring and auditing
    • Onsite services for preventive and corrective maintenance, calibration, data processing and reporting.


  • Indoor Air Qulity(IAQ) monitoring
  • Noise, vibration and odor monitoring and reporting